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    SMART Cancer Center: Safer, Better, Cheaper.

    • Arc techniques minimize second cancers
    • 6 MV LINAC provides maximum sparing of critical organs
    • 3D Treatment significantly reduces costs
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    Patient Education through Physician Education.

    • Franklin County Cancer Committee
    • Franklin County Breast Care Team
    • American Cancer Society Resource Center

Friends of the Center

The mission of the Friends of the Franklin County Cancer Center is to provide FREE mammograms for underprivileged women in Franklin County, as well as transportation assistance, nutritional support and patient education to individuals and families who are undergoing treatment at the Franklin county Cancer Center (FCCC).

Please help us help the victims of this dreaded disease.

FREE Mammograms

  • provided for underprivileged Women in Franklin County


  • Ease the financial and logistic burden for patients traveling to and from treatment.
  • Ensure that no citizen of Franklin County will be denied access to cancer care due to lack of transportation.


  • Provide nutritional supplements, such as Ensure.

Patient Education through physician education

  • For the types of cancer that are susceptible to dearly detection, the “war on cancer” boils down to a battle against ignorance.
  • Monthly meetings of the Franklin County Cancer Committee and Franklin County Breast Care Team
  • These meetings are designed to provide a forum in which the Primary Care physicians and Specialty physicians can meet with other healthcare providers to share information on such topics as screening guidelines for breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer.
  • By helping the healthcare community stay abreast of the evolution of thought on these complex topics, the Friends strive to facilitate the timely dissemination of potentially life-saving information throughout the community.

Patient education through the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Resource Center (CRC)

  • The Friends of Franklin County Cancer Center is proud of the recent opening of the Cancer Resource Center.Located within the Franklin County Cancer Center, it is the only such center in the entire southeastern United States.
  • The Resource Center provides access to a vast array of printed literature and free internet access to all American Cancer Society support programs, including assistance to patients and loved ones researching their disease. They also provide free wigs, scarves, and head wraps to women who have lost their hair.
  • The CRC is staffed by trained American Cancer Society volunteers.
  • The Friends played an integral role in bringing the CRC to Franklin County.