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    SMART Cancer Center: Safer, Better, Cheaper.

    • Arc techniques minimize second cancers
    • 6 MV LINAC provides maximum sparing of critical organs
    • 3D Treatment significantly reduces costs
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    Patient Education through Physician Education.

    • Franklin County Cancer Committee
    • Franklin County Breast Care Team
    • American Cancer Society Resource Center

Patents & Innovations

Superior Targeting Technology — An Integrated Array

Enhanced visualization provided by MR Images is only one element among an array of components that contribute to PROS’ superior targeting technology.

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FAST FIT™: Fractionated Accelerator-based Stereotactic Teletherapy -
Facial Immobilization Template


  • Presented at ASTRO convention, 1991. Read more about FAST FIT
  • US Patent #5,370,117 (dated Dec. 6, 1994)
  • Several advantages over traditional stereotactic frames
    • MRI compatible, designed to fit within MRI head coil
    • Designed for multiple fraction applications
      • Consistent with radiobiologic principles
      • Fractionation reduces late complications
      • Multiple fractions enhance cumulative accuracy
        • Probability phenomenon
        • More samples strengthens tendency toward mean
      • Manufactured and marketed by CIVCO Medical Solutions (formerly Med-Tec, Inc.) under royalty agreement with PROS
  • McLaurin_Arch
    • Interfaces with laser array to define origin of coordinate system
    • Improves rotational stability. Read McLaurin Arch.pdf

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MR-IGRT: Magnetic Resonance Image Guided Radiation Therapy

Precise Targeting using better images

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PROSPLAN:Advanced 3-D computerized radiation treatment planning system

Prostate-Axial, Sagittal, and Coronal views

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SMART Targeting: Stereotactic Multiple Arc Radiation Therapy

  • SMART Technology (Stereotactic+MRI) + SMART Technique (Arcs). Read more about SMART Targeting
  • Arc technique improves control over conformation of dose gradient
  • Treatment is much faster than IMRT, enhancing patient comfort
  • SMART is safer than IMRT due to reduction of dangerous scatter radiation and elimination of neutron contamination. Article, “High-Energy Photons in IMRT”

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SMART Cancer Center: Selection of Megavoltage Accelerator in Radiation Therapy