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Testimonials & Support

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I’m Cancer Free Now!

I think Dr. Robert McLaurin and his group have done a wonderful thing for Franklin County with the Franklin County Cancer Center. It is so convenient to be able to come here instead of going to Rocky Mount so often.
Everyone here is so nice and you can tell they care. It has been great for me.
I’m cancer free now. I have had cancer three times in my life and to be able to say I’m cancer free is such a blessing.
For people who haven’t been to this clinic, you don’t know what you’re missing.
Dr. McLaurin is a wonderful, caring person. The entire staff is so caring. They would not be here if you didn’t need them, and they are ready to show it.

Dorothy J. Perry

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People make the difference

PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. We are thrilled to find a real blessing right here in Louisburg.  As radiation began Dr. McLaurin was never inconvenienced by our questions, comments, or urgencies.  His people make the difference, it’s a “fun” place to go for treatment.  It begins with the tone set by the leader, and it is obvious that Dr. McLaurin is certainly a leader in his field.  True caring compassion, coupled with an incredible level of knowledge and expertise is a rare find.

Lorraine and Bill Milark

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Made me feel special

I discovered Franklin County Cancer Center in Louisburg.  With the assistance of a wonderful staff, I was able to transfer and finish radiation five miles from home.  I had the most friendly staff possible at Franklin County Cancer Center.  Dr. McLaurin explained everything.  When radiation ended, I was presented with a graduation certificate along with other items and was given hugs by the staff.  This made me feel special and feel that someone cared if I lived or died. 

Betty Wright

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Dr. McLaurin is a wonderful doctor

I think Dr. McLaurin is a wonderful doctor. He explains your illness in terms that you can understand, and he always takes as much time with explanations as he needs during the office visit. His kindness and the friendly office staff makes the visit less stressful.

Eddie J. Parker, Sr.

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Special thanks

A special thanks to Dr.McLaurin, Dr. hunter and staff at Franklin County Cancer Center.

the family of Wynella Clifton Moore

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Felt like family

It felt more like I was being cared for by a loving family than by a doctor and staff. I will never forget what you’ve done for me.

John Carlisle

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Amazing Care

I would especially like to thank Franklin County Cancer Center for their wonderful, comforting, and amazing care for my father, George A. Thomas.

Charlene Venable