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The simple, secure password store. Ace - If something is ace it is awesome.

I used to hear it a lot in Liverpool. Kids thought all cool stuff was ace, or brill. Aggro - Short for aggravation, it's the sort of Just looking to Worcester slow you might expect at a football match. In other words - trouble! There is sometimes aggro in the cities after the pubs shut!

All right? You would say it to a complete stranger or someone you knew. The normal response would be for them to say "All right"? It is said as a question.

Sometimes it might get expanded to "all right mate"? Mostly used by blue collar workers but also common among younger people.

Anti-clockwise - The first time I said that something had gone anti-clockwise to someone in Texas I got this very funny look. It simply means counter-clockwise but must sound really strange to you chaps!

I think he thought I had something against clocks! Any road - Up north where they talk funny!! Weird huh? Arse - This is a word that doesn't seem to exist in America.

It basically means the same asass, but is much ruder.

It is used in phrases like "pain in the arse" lie nuisance or I "can't be arsed" I can't be bothered or you might hear something was "a half arsed attempt" meaning that it was not done properly. Arse over elbow - This is another way of saying head over heels but is a little more descriptive.

Usually happens after 11pm on a Saturday night and too many lagers!

Some Americans say ass over teakettle apparently! Arseholed - Drunk! Usually in the advanced stages of drunken stupor, someone would be considered "completely arseholed". Never me, of course! jn

I wanna boy to keep the bed warm while we're watching tv I wanna boy who thinks it sexy when my lipstick bleeds Drop me a line at [email protected] A collection of Witty pick up lines. If you were vanilla ice cream and I was hot caramel, I'd pour myself all over you . Smile if you want to sleep with me then watch the victim try to hold back her smile. I dropped mine when you walked past. To contact someone, usually with a letter, note, or phone call. I know you'll be busy enjoying yourself, but please, drop me a line on your trip. I'll drop you a line .

As well - You chaps say also when we would say "too" or "as well". For instance if my friend ordered a Miller Lite, I would say "I'll have one as well".

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I often heard people saying something like "I'll have one also". You'd be more likely to hear someone in England ordering a pint oflager! Au fait - Another one of those French expressions that have slipped into the English language.

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This one means to be familiar with something. I'd say at the end of reading all this you'd be au fait with the differences between American and English! Bang - Nothing to do with your hair - this Woodbury girls who wont to fuck a rather unattractive way of describing havingsex.

Always gets a smile bex Brits in American hair dressers when they are asked about their bangs. Barmy - If someone tells you that you're barmy they mean you have gone mad or crazy. For example you'd have to be barmy to visit England without trying black pudding! Beastly - Are you sexy in bed drop me a line would call something or somebody beastly if they were really nasty orunpleasant.

Most people would consider you a snob or an upper class git if you used this word.

People like Fergie can get away with it though. Bees Knees - This is the polite version of the dog's bollocks. So if you are in polite company and want to say that something was fabulous, this phrase might come in handy.

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Belt up - For some reason I heard this quite a lot as a kid. It's the British for shut up. Bender - I used to go out on a bender quite frequently when I was liine university. Luckily bender doesn't only mean a gay man, it also means a pub crawl or a heavy drinking session.

Bespoke - We say something is bespoke if it has been created especially for someone, in the same way that you bec custom.

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For example a computer program might be bespoken for a client, or you may order a bespoke holiday, where the travel agent creates an itinerary around your exact requirements. Best of British - If someone says "The best Are you sexy in bed drop me a line British to you" when you are visiting the UK, it simply means good luck. It is short for "best of British luck". Biggie rrop This is unusual. A biggie is what a child calls his poo!

Hence the reason Wendy's Hamburgers has never really taken off in England - who would buy "biggie fries"? Yuck - I'm sure you wouldn't buy poo fries! Are you sexy in bed drop me a line other meaning of Ylu is erection. It just gets worse!

Bite your arm off - This is not aggressive behaviour that a football fan might engage in. In fact Sweet women seeking hot sex lonlely women just means that someone is over excited to get something.

For instance you might say that kids would bite your arm off for an ice cream on a sunny day. Bladdered - This rather ugly expression is Arf way of saying you are drunk. The link is uou apparent I feel! Blast - An exclamation of surprise.

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You may also hear someone shout "blast it", or even "bugger and blast"! Bleeding - An m to the word bloody. You'll hear people say "bleeding hell" or "not bleeding likely" for example.

Blimey - Another exclamation of surprise. It is all a corruption of the oath God Blind Me.

Blinding - If something is a blinding success - it does not mean that any eyes were poked out with sharp sticks - it means it was awesome.

Blinkered - Someone who is blinkered is narrow minded or narrow sighted - they only see one view on a subject. It comes from when horses that pulled carriages wore blinkers to stop them seeing Big tits in 34450 md the side or behind them which stopped them from being startled and only let them see where they were going.

Are you sexy in bed drop me a line - One of the most useful swear words in English. Mostly used as an exclamation of surprise i.

I Am Searching Nsa Are you sexy in bed drop me a line

Something may be "bloody marvellous" or "bloody awful". It is also used to emphasise almost anything, "you're bloody mad", "not bloody likely" and can also be used in the middle of other words to emphasise them.

Americans should avoid saying "bloody" as they sound silly.

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Blooming - Another alternative to the word bloody. You might hear someone say "not blooming likely" so that they don't have to swear.

Blow me - When an English colleague of mine exclaimed "Blow Me" in front crop a large American audience, he brought the house down. It is simply an exclamation of surprise, short for "Blow me down", meaning something like I am so surprised you could knock me over just by blowing.

Similar to "Well knock me down with a feather".

Slang - The Best of British

It is not a request for services to be performed. Blow off - Who blew off? Means who farted? Constant source of amusement to us Brits when you guys talk about blowing people off. Conjours up all sort of bizarre images!

expressions - Use of "Drop me a line" - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

Blunt - If a saw or a knife is not sharp we sexu it is blunt. It is also the way most of us speak! In America the knife would be dull. Bob's your uncle - This is a well used phrase. It is added to the end of sentences a bit likeand that's it! For example if you are telling someone how to make that fabulous banoffee pie you just served them, you Are you sexy in bed drop me a line tell them Casual Hook Ups Saranac Lake boil the condensed milk for three hours, spread it onto a basic cheesecake base, slice bananas on top, add some whipped double cream, another layer of banana and Bob's your uncle!

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Bodge - We bodge things all the time here. I'm sure you do too! To do a bodge job means to do a quick and dirty. Make it look good for the next day or two and if it falls down after that - hey well we only bodged it!

Applies to building, DIY, programming m most other things.

Bollocks - This is a great English word with many excellent uses.